Feb. 5th, 2014

starzki: (XF light cream cheese)
Winter can eat my ass.

I am so sick of it.  I actually almost broke down crying on the way to work this morning.  The highway was not plowed and I pretty much just sledded in to work today.  It was so bad that a car got stuck in a snow drift... in the middle lane.  Or what I was assuming was the middle lane because the snow was thick enough that you couldn't see any paint on the roads where the lanes should be.  I counted 9 white lines total in the 20 miles it takes me to get from home to school.  All of those were under bridges where the snow wasn't as thick.

Semis bombed by me within 6 inches of my car because they thought they knew better than I did where the lanes were.  Maybe they were right.  I almost got rear ended by a bus who couldn't stop because of the snow and couldn't change lanes because a semi was in the next lane over.  I nearly wet my pants at that one.

My little car is just too light to be able to sink down and actually hit pavement with this snow.  It means that when I was going 32 MPH, I was sweating because I knew it was just too fast.  But it does mean that I didn't have the false sense of security that the SUVs that I saw in the ditches and crashed into the center median wall had that they could handle the 3 inches of snow.

I did survive and it should be better on the way home this evening.  If not, I'll just sleep in my office.

I talk about extremes regressing to the mean in my research methods class.  That means that this awful weather has to let up sooner than later, right?

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