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I can't tell if this will be easy or hard. Good luck to me!

FINSHED! Whoo. Right in the nick of time.
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Title: A Dance with Death
Fandom: Full Metal Panic!/Sandman
Author: [info]starzki
Words: 300
Rating: K+
Summary: Sousuke, like everyone who meets her, falls in love with Death.  Crossover between Full Metal Panic and Sandman series.
Warnings: None.

Notes: )
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Since the last chapter only barely touches on the Miroku/Sango dynamic, I don't think that it's appropriate to enter it in a [ profile] mirsan_fics contest.  Which is kind of a shame, because I think that was where I got most of my audience for this story.  So I'll pimp it here on my own journal with the hope that those who like it will find it over on or  *fingers crossed*

Chapter Title:
Universe: Post-canon
Genre: Serial/Fantasy
Rating: K+
Word Count: 860
Summary:  Final chapter of Endless Sleep.  With Miroku's help, Sango does all that she can to convince the King of All Night's Dreaming to return her son.

Notes:  I took a major risk with this chapter.  I've been debating for weeks how I wanted to end this so that I really was able to drive the whole point of the story home.  I wanted it to be clear that, as a result of Sango's compromise from the last chapter, what Dream expected to happen came to fruition.  The warrior woman trope started there because now Sango and Miroku's daughter lives in Dreaming to inspire our stories.

I tried a bunch of different ways to end this.  I thought about doing it straight, from an omniscient point of view, that discussed Sango's guilt and despair from the vague memory of her dream, which would eventually slip away.  I thought about making the ending "classic fairy tale" to show how Sango's actions affected story-telling.  I even thought about writing it in verse.

But none of those ideas really seemed to fully explain the everlasting consequences of Sango's agreement.  So, to do that, I set the chapter in present-day LA, with a script writer (yes, he's based on Joss Whedon) discussing the end of the story with his agent.  I do an injustice to my story by glossing over the ending and the emotional weight that is there, but I think I make up for that in really underlining my main point: that Sango and Miroku's daughter is living on in our stories.

I also indulged in a little hubris in implying that my story would be good as a major motion picture, but there is a bit of hand waving there.  The script being discussed is not actually my story, just a close (much, much better) approximation of it.  That's why I kept details vague.

Anyway.  I've said what I wanted to say with my story.  It's over and now I don't have another WIP hanging over my head.  YAY!
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I've not ever made a post like this before, so please bear with me.  Now, I finally have the time to update this fic properly, so here goes.

Chapter Title: Dream's Compromise
Prompt: Fire
Universe: Post-canon
Genre: Serial/Fantasy
Rating: K+
Word Count: 3,124
Summary:  Continuation of Endless Sleep.  With Miroku's help, Sango does all that she can to convince the King of All Night's Dreaming to return her son.


Notes. Careful, I have a lot to say about this fic. :) )

It is done

Nov. 6th, 2010 01:52 pm
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Yesterday was my last day at my temp job.  I was told I'd be missed and to come back to work there if things don't turn out.  I was on a really good team with fun people.

I'm actually going to miss it.  The only thing I'm looking forward to from not working there is not having to wake up to the alarm every morning.  Yes, it will also be nice doing the work I want, that I was trained for, but I had a good job and made good money.  Working for free is not so fun.

Hopefully, working for free will pay off in a job sooner than later.

Anyway.  I also finally typed up the next chapter in my IY/Sandman fic.  I'm going to submit it into the mirsan_fics community so I can post it there later tonight (after it gets a couple of proof-reads).  It's surprisingly different than the hand-written version that I wrote these last three weeks in the 15 minutes I had here and there at work before I was allowed to clock in in the mornings and after lunch.  I fixed the perspective (major whoops there) and made it more exciting.  I also added a Fiddler's Green cameo at the last minute.  I love him and figured that Sango and Miroku would need a little hint in navigating Dream's realm.

Meta-discussion of my story. )
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I finally updated my drabbling from the mirsan_fics community over at

I've also decided to post my Inuyasha/Sandman crossover at

Results so far are discouraging.  For whatever reason, it won't let me post Inuyasha as Category 1.  I don't know if it makes a difference in how it's listed on the site (I'm not expecting a lot of traffic for this story), but in terms of what the story is about, (it's mostly a Mir/San with a prominent role for Dream at the end) in my opinion, Inuyasha should be listed first.  I mean, what the heck, even alphabetically (by category or series title), it should be first.  (I love parentheses in this paragraph.)

Whatever.  I'm also working on this story's second chapter.  It's almost done, but needs a major rework in order to make any grammatical sense (I accidentally switched from first person to third person half-way through, oops) and to make it a little more compelling and suspenseful. 

On a positive note, I found an excellent synopsis of Dream Hunters for the curious who also read my posts:

And, if my parents can find it in their hearts to just leave me the heck alone today, I'll write another drabble for the "Green" prompt, too.

Yay!  Creativity!
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I really want to do the shipping meme, but I don't think I have enough time in a day to keep up with it.  I will think about it.

I have a completely awesome fic inspired by a mirsan_fics prompt: Dream.  I want to do a Sandman crossover.  It would be awesome!  But I've sketched it out in my head to a point where the story progresses awesomely, there is an awesome confrontation, and then... Sango and Dream just look at each other and both stubbornly refuse to budge on their terms.  So the story has staaaaaaaalled.  I just hate that.  When the characters won't do what you want them to.  :(  Every compromise I try to have them make just doesn't make sense for either character.

Grr.  I love stubborn characters, but why did I want to write a story about TWO of them?  It would be so awesome if they would just cooperate with me.

Been watching FMA Brotherhood with [ profile] scribefigaro.  Wanting to fanfic.  However, I'm still at the self-insert stage of wanting to fanfic.  This means I don't know enough about the characters to actually write them, so I want to write others' perspectives of them.  Will have to watch more and see what happens.

Work is work.  I think I've made up my mind to quit at the end of October.  I have a conference I need to prepare for in November, plus interviews (if my applications have generated any interest), also, I need to start writing my dissertation in publishable, article form so that I don't stagnate academically.

So, yeah.  That's what's up in my world.

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