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[ profile] scribefigaro and I have officially relocated about 20 miles down the road.  Moving sucks!

We're not very happy about the move, but it was necessary.  Scribe's commute was terrible and this will save him about two hours of driving a day.  He had to suffer through rush hours of two difference metro hubs, and now he only kind of has one.

But this move does mean that we're living in a slightly smaller apartment that's slightly more expensive.  I had to say goodbye to the walk-in closet (*sniff*).  I also have to figure out where all of the stores, vets, doctor offices, and gyms are in this new area that I've only ever driven by in the past.  That's a pain.  Finally, and most sadly of all, we had to say goodbye to our neighbors.  We had a good set at our last apartment building and we all really looked out for one another.  Even the "weird" guys in the building, though... off, stayed to themselves and were incredibly quiet.  (One would even hide from me if he saw me coming.)

The move itself was about the nightmare we expected.  Hard, hard work.  My thighs are a-burning today after all of those stairs.  We even hired movers that were expensive, but worth every penny.  We've started making the place look like "ours" again, which is nice, but it's currently almost 2PM and we've not delved into a single box yet, today.  Oh well.

Also, Comcast is the suck.  It took 5 service calls and roughly 2 hours on the phone for them to figure out the cable box they sent us does not work for our zip code. *headdesk*  So we'll have cable tv... probably never, the way things seem to be going.

Okay, enough complaining.  Now is the time for more procrastinating on my work before the school year begins (on Tuesday)! Yay!


Apr. 20th, 2011 01:37 pm
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My livejournal style up and disappeared.  :(

My new one is gorgeous, but makes me feel like poser.  I might be switching it up a couple of times in the next few weeks until I find something I love.


Dear Winter,

I know, being a season, you may not be able to read the calendar.  I also know that because we moved up north, we will be seeing a bit more of you.  However, it's April 20.

Please FOAD.

I'm ready to be warm.


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First of all, good news: [ profile] scribefigaro has found us an apartment.  We move in on Saturday!

I'm still at a relative's house (while Scribe is already at his jobsite), so my internet access is going to continue to be really limited.  Plus, I have a ton of stuff to do to get ready for the move.

I've been able to go back through my f-list, and as much as I want to comment to everything I see, I just don't have the time (or privacy) right now.  I just wanted to leave a quick note and say that I'm thinking of all of you, congratulating you for the good things, sending quiet support for the tough stuff, and being really intrigued at all of the weird/awesome/interesting things that you're posting.

Also, a special thanks to [ profile] sweetly_beth for my jammin' headphones!  They were friggin' awesome!

Take care and I'll hopefully be more responsive in the coming week (and definitely next week)!

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Yeah, we decided to split up the drive and do the trip over two days rather than stress about having to worry about doing it in one.

We're leaving... now.

So I'll be quiet for the next couple of days.


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