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Title: The Sickness, Chapter 12: And All I Feel is this Cruel Wanting
Author: Starzki
Word Count: 4032
Genre: Horror/Action/Romance
Rating: T
Prompt: Book
Story Summary: Alternate Universe. Sousuke Sagara is the long standing, long suffering bodyguard of Lady Kaname, the only daughter in a wealthy family. She has recently been married off to a distant cousin in the hopes that she produce an heir and will never be forced to leave her home. No one expected the zombie apocalypse. In time, it’s only Sousuke and Kaname fighting for survival and just hoping not to get bitten in this strange, new world.
Chapter Summary: Kaname fights the infection for as long as she can.
WARNINGS: Standard zombie killing gore.
Links:, AO3


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Now that I'm back down to teaching only two classes, both of which are online, one of which I've taught the last four semesters straight, I feel like I have a ton of time on my hands.  So I'm going to post today. :)

I think I finally might be done with the class I taught at the other school.  The student who got an incomplete because of a family emergency the day of the final has taken the makeup test and I've scored it.  I've just mailed off the paperwork, so that should be it for me for that class, barring any issues that may pop up (no whammies, no whammies, no whammies...).

I'm teaching a new grad class (which is what I'm procrastinating on right now) that I'm trying to make more interesting.  I'm trying to have weekly webclass sessions that are like chatrooms for students that I lead.  They've been going terribly so far.  There's a learning curve for people using new or updating technology and not everyone is on the same page yet.  I will try to make it work though and it should be kind of fun. Maybe?  It's a great class, though, if I do say so myself.

In fandom news, I'm apparently going to post the first chapter of my new zombie FMP fic by the end of the week.  I really, really struggled to get this chapter out.  All of the exposition explaining the AU nature of the story was clunky and awful to write.  But it's all out.  Now I just need to rework it and make it interesting to read instead of it just being an information dump.  Plus, I forgot some key plot points that I'll have to mention.  I will say that the end of the chapter started getting much more smooth in terms of writing and I think I found my chapter 1 focus that isn't all about explaining my AU.   There's a small plot hole to fill that's not quite right to handwave, but I'll give myself until Saturday to fix it. (Okay, never mind, just thought of a solution.  Will write it later.) Zombie casualty rate: 2 (this will increase).

I also have to think about running today.  All of those calories I consumed and didn't regret when I was visiting family are letting me know I should probably take care of them now before I have to start fitting back into my summer clothes.  But at least I have my Zombies! Run game to make it interesting. :D

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