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Women's World Cup finals is starting right now on ESPN!

I'm so excited.

I'm also weirdly torn.  Of course I'm all for the US team, but I always love rooting for the underdog.  Japan has never won against the US and a win for them would mean so much for their country.  Japan's team has been a class act and they deserve to be in these finals.

But the US women are amazing and I can't help but root for them, too!

So exciting!

ETA: Great game so far!  I find I'm rooting a little bit more for Japan than I thought I would.  I kind of wanted extra time, so the fact that Japan scored to tie it up before the game ended was terrific and I cheered for them.  US is playing a little bit better with more scoring opportunities that they aren't capitalizing on, but Japan is playing wonderful, too.  I just hope this doesn't go into penalty shots.  Those are too nerve-wracking.

ETA2: Holy shit!  I was hoping the US could keep the lead, but Japan fought back.  We're having penalty kicks!

ETA3:  Holy shit!

I guess if the US had to lose, I prefer that they lose this way, to this team.  What an awesome game.
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I don't know how many people on my f-list are soccer fans or have been following the women's World Cup in Germany, but today's US game versus Brazil is possibly one of the most spectacular games I've ever seen.

There are almost no words to describe it.  It was almost cinematic.  Seriously, it would have been called "cliche" if someone had pitched it as a movie with all of the drama, intrigue, despair, joy, and sheer "there's-no-way-something-like-that-happens-in-real-life" moments.

They're replaying the whole game at midnight Eastern time tonight on ESPN2.

Amazing.  It was just amazing.

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