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Title: Confidence
Prompt: Untied
Word Count:
It was her first time, but definitely not his.


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Title: The Sickness, Chapter 11: It's the Moment of Truth, and the Moment to Lie
Author: Starzki
Word Count: 3891
Genre: Horror/Action/Romance
Rating: T
Prompt: Hinder
Story Summary: Alternate Universe. Sousuke Sagara is the long standing, long suffering bodyguard of Lady Kaname, the only daughter in a wealthy family. She has recently been married off to a distant cousin in the hopes that she produce an heir and will never be forced to leave her home. No one expected the zombie apocalypse. In time, it’s only Sousuke and Kaname fighting for survival and just hoping not to get bitten in this strange, new world.
Chapter Summary: Sousuke fights to rescue Kaname from Amalgam
WARNINGS: Standard zombie killing gore.
Links:, AO3


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Title: The Things He Carried
Author: Starzki
Fandom: Full Metal Panic
Characters/Pairings: OC, Sousuke, Sousuke/Kaname
Genre: Action
Rating: K+
Word Count: 884
Summary: "The Sickness" universe.  Sousuke comes back to Jindai after scavenging and turns over his goods.

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Title: Philter
Author: Starzki
Word Count: 3380
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Miroku/Sango
Rating: M+, E
Warnings: Smut
Summary: The reality of the situation hit Miroku right then. He spun in her grasp and she wasted no time pulling his face down into hers and kissing him with a passion that almost burned. He knew it was the fever from whatever potion was acting on her, but he couldn’t stop his body from responding.
Link:, ao3


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I've been horrible about writing and keeping up with my WIP fic. As it is, I don't even know if I'll finish [personal profile] luxken27's drabble table I set up for myself. (I think I will, but "The Sickness" table I set up is going to fail.) I decided to just wait until I feel like writing again. I'm sure it will come back; it always does. But I just didn't have it in me this last month.

Instead, [ profile] scribefigaro and I have been mainlining anime. And that's what I'm here to talk about. The good and the... well... gruesome. Some spoilers ahead:
Read more... )

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Title: The Sickness, Chapter 1: This is It: The Apocalypse
Author: [personal profile] starzki
Genre: Horror/Action/Romance
Rating: M
Word Count: 4163
Warnings: Violence
Story Summary: Alternate Universe. Sousuke Sagara is the long standing, long suffering bodyguard of Lady Kaname, the only daughter in a wealthy family. She has recently been married off to a distant cousin in the hopes that she produce an heir and will never be forced to leave her home. No one expected the zombie apocalypse. In time, it’s only Sousuke and Kaname fighting for survival and just hoping not to get bitten in this strange, new world.
Chapter Summary: The day it all began started out like any other day. In the middle of Kaname sharing good news with her family, tragedy, in the form of a zombie apocalypse, strikes.
Links:, AO3



Mar. 29th, 2013 11:25 pm
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Oh, this week.  I have a couple of things to get in to, but let me start with Mad Men.

[ profile] scribefigaro and I have been about 2 seasons behind since we watch the show on Netflix.  Well, we caught up to only one season behind not too long ago and the new season is out on April 7.  Then, great news happened.  We discovered that Comcast is doing a thing where they're giving away seasons of episodes for free to advertise a particular service this week.  One of the shows of which they were giving away seasons is Mad Men[ profile] scribefigaro and I have been mainlining at least 2 episodes a night to catch up before the promotion is out and before the new season starts.  We'll soon be caught up.

Well, I don't know if it's because I couldn't handle the awesomeness or what, but the last episode we watched tonight, "The Other Woman" (Season 5, episode 11) just wrecked me.  I watched the end completely sobbing.  It helped that my two favorite characters, Joan and Peggy were featured and it showed how Don can be a dick, but still do right by them.  Oh, my girls.  Tonight they both broke my heart.

Joanie is just gorgeous and Christina Hendricks who plays her with such integrity (when she could so easily be played as a dumb cliche).  Her decision in this ep (I won't spoil it) annihilated me.  She did what she had to do, and it may be for the best, but still.  My Joanie.  I love you and you shouldn't have done it.  You deserve so much more.

And Peggy.  I feel like I could have been her in the early 1960s.  Her non-romantic "break up" with Don was far and away the saddest, most touching moment I've seen on this show where numerous marriages and friendships have dissolved.  She was so brave, though.  And I don't think I could have done what she did in spreading her wings.  Like Joanie, she deserves so much more, but she's actually going out and getting it.  Part of my sadness, and Don's I'm sure, is that I don't know when I'll be able to see her again.

This show.  Ugh.  It's a kind of perfection you rarely see on television anymore.  I am looking forward to next season like I cannot even explain.

*collects myself*

In other news, the college I interviewed at last week told me that they'd make a decision this week.  I haven't heard anything.  The chances of me working there are slim (their pay scale is not what I had hoped for), but I was still expecting to at least be able to try and negotiate.  Now I'm wondering if they're going with another candidate.  I was so sure I had this offer.  Again, not that I would take it (it's not quite right, in any case), but I still wanted to be asked.

Now, I think I'll go wreck myself with some more television series pathos.  Maybe I'll watch the commentary on FMA episodes. :)

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[ profile] scribefigaro and I have officially relocated about 20 miles down the road.  Moving sucks!

We're not very happy about the move, but it was necessary.  Scribe's commute was terrible and this will save him about two hours of driving a day.  He had to suffer through rush hours of two difference metro hubs, and now he only kind of has one.

But this move does mean that we're living in a slightly smaller apartment that's slightly more expensive.  I had to say goodbye to the walk-in closet (*sniff*).  I also have to figure out where all of the stores, vets, doctor offices, and gyms are in this new area that I've only ever driven by in the past.  That's a pain.  Finally, and most sadly of all, we had to say goodbye to our neighbors.  We had a good set at our last apartment building and we all really looked out for one another.  Even the "weird" guys in the building, though... off, stayed to themselves and were incredibly quiet.  (One would even hide from me if he saw me coming.)

The move itself was about the nightmare we expected.  Hard, hard work.  My thighs are a-burning today after all of those stairs.  We even hired movers that were expensive, but worth every penny.  We've started making the place look like "ours" again, which is nice, but it's currently almost 2PM and we've not delved into a single box yet, today.  Oh well.

Also, Comcast is the suck.  It took 5 service calls and roughly 2 hours on the phone for them to figure out the cable box they sent us does not work for our zip code. *headdesk*  So we'll have cable tv... probably never, the way things seem to be going.

Okay, enough complaining.  Now is the time for more procrastinating on my work before the school year begins (on Tuesday)! Yay!
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Don't mind me.  I'm navel-gazing again.

Yesterday, while walking the pups with [ profile] scribefigaro, I twisted my ankle.  It sucked.  It hurt really bad, I let out a string of hideous expletives, and sat on the ground for a moment.

I used to play soccer.  I've hurt an ankle before.  Hell, I've broken an ankle before.  This time it was my right ankle instead of my left (my weak one), but it's really all the same kind of pain.

I no longer play soccer (at least right now), but my first instinct was to insist it was okay and that I could walk (or run, or kick, or jump) on it no problem.

This is a kind of habit.  Way back when I was a senior in college and had two weeks (and 5 games) left in the season, a teammate of mine broke my ankle in practice.  This was not the way I wanted to end my soccer career.  So I insisted it was fine, taped the shit out of it for practices and games, and played the next two weeks on a broken ankle.  I remember a year to the day later and my ankle still hurt when I woke up in the mornings.

I don't have a lot of perspective on ankle pain.  Everything just seems not-that-bad in comparison to those two weeks.

So yeah.  I twisted my ankle last night and woke up and it was slightly swollen.  It just looked so cute next to my memories of my horribly distorted foot and ankle that turned suck pretty colors way back in college.  But I'm trying to keep some kind of perspective.  I did decide not to run on it today.  I can't promise I'll make the same decision about staying off of it tomorrow.

I'm don't have high tolerance for pain.  But I just never really know what to do with ankle pain when my instinct is to insist it's completely fine and to ignore how much it hurts me.

That's what's up with me right now.

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Title: Overwhelmed: Chapter 6: New Experience
Author: [personal profile] starzki
Word Count: 1248
: Kaname and Sousuke finally have all the time they need to come together and explore their feelings for one another. Spoilers for the series. Post Always Stand by Me, Part 2. Chapter 6: New Experience: Sousuke and Kaname are finally ready.  And alone in her apartment. (AKA: The chapter in which [personal profile] starzki finally earns her MA rating.)


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Title: Discovery
Fandom: Full Metal Panic!
Author: starzki
Characters/Pairings: Sousuke
Words: 300
Rating: K+
Summary: In order to transition to civilian life, Sousuke explores the world of music.


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So, my insomnia has been back, going on about a week and a half now.  It's definitely a noticeable pattern.

I fall asleep some time after midnight or so and sleep until 5:30 AM.  Usually, I get up to go to the bathroom, and go back to bed to fall back asleep.  Only I haven't been able to do that second part lately.

I'm up until [ profile] scribefigaro's alarm goes off and he goes off to work.  Only at about 8:30 or 9:00 (9:30 today) do I eventually get back to sleep.  Then I sleep until 11:00 and my whole day is ruined.  At least this is happening on my "vacation" and I have the time to sleep in.  But there are things that I need to be getting done and it's starting to annoy me to sleep in so long.

So I'm still a little on the sleep-deprived side even though I don't get out of bed until 11AM.

Hopefully this will pass soon, but it's really annoying.  It's happened before, about 8 or so years ago, and it eventually worked itself out, but it was total hell.  Really, it just wears on you to keep thinking that you'll fall back to much-needed sleep at any moment just to keep watching the clock tick away for hours.

Bleck.  I'm grumpy.  :(

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Just came home from a walk with the dogs.  Got to a certain place where we walk between two apartment buildings and notice a strange looking creature galloping toward us.

It was too awkward to be a cat, too big to be a squirrel.  The dogs definitely noticed its weird gait and were game to play.  As it came closer, I realized out loud, "It's a skunk."

[ profile] scribefigaro took off at a speed walk in the opposite direction.

I figured we could squeeze by it without an issue, so I poked a little fun at scribe when I caught up to him. "Afraid of a little skunk?

He shot back with, "Even if you win a battle with a skunk, you still lose.  And that thing was charging us."

The logic, he has it.  And I am smell-free tonight. :D


Apr. 9th, 2012 01:11 am
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I realize I haven't posted in a while.  This is for a number of reasons:

1. The semester is winding down.  This is good.  While I'm slightly more busy trying to get all of my students doing what they need to do to pass, everyone is happy that things are almost over.  Nightmare student is being cool enough not to bother me.  Soon she will be out of my life forever.  *twirl*

2. I'm ridiculously re-invested in Mad Men.  [ profile] scribefigaro and I watched season 2 on Netflix and it's as good as (if not better than) season 1.  I won't even come close to fanfic-ing this show (the desire to do time-traveling self-inserts would prove too tempting), but it's really fucking good.  Peggy Olsen is my new hero.

3. [ profile] scribefigaro and I watched the anime Soul Eater.  It took a hell of a lot of episodes, but I finally got into it.  The writers/animators finally pushed my shipping buttons (sacrificing body and life for your partner: YES PLEASE).  I've spent the better part of the last week reading Soul/Maka lemons (shut up, they're at least older teens in my head canon), some of which are insanely good.  (Fanfic author rec: Marsh of Sleep. I promise to eventually get around to commenting to tell her how much I love her smut.) 

4. I love Twitter.  I don't know how this happened.  I scorned it for so long.  But I love it now.  It's kind of like drabbling.  You have a word/character limit and you have to pack the biggest punch you can.  AND CAPSLOCK IS AWESOME THERE. I try not to abuse it with all of my random thoughts/rants/complaints, but I love reading everyone's tweets.  Posting there also makes it seem redundant to post here, too.  I will try and figure out a happy medium for both.

5. What else? Life and marriage is great.  [ profile] scribefigaro starts his new job next week and it's been terrific having him around so much.

6.  Easter is awesome if for no other reason than Cadbury Eggs.  OM NOM NOM.

7.  It is late and I should go to bed.  Really.  I'm so lazy and slept in too late today.  This will probably be bad later.

8.  G'night!

New Year!

Jan. 1st, 2012 01:25 pm
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So far in 2012, I've smooched [ profile] scribefigaro, danced with him, went to sleep, had a terrifying zombie nightmare, slept in, then woke up and Internetted.  Minus the zombie nightmare, things are looking pretty good so far!

And I see an exodus to dreamwidth.  I'm wondering if I should join in.


Happy New Year!  I wish all my friends an awesome and prosperous 2012!

ETA: Okay, I've set something up.  I think you'll be able to find me at (some day I'll figure out how to HTML that so that the DW icon comes up.  Today does not look like that day.  :(  ).
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Otherwise entitled: Adventures in Picking Up Dinner.

This got long. )

Home alone

Nov. 11th, 2011 04:53 pm
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[ profile] scribefigaro has been gone out of town since Wednesday.  I started out his business trip feeling sad and mopey.  Then yesterday I was kind of giddy about the freedom that not having him around gives me.  I could eat whatever I wanted for dinner; watch anything I wanted on television; and when it was bedtime, lights went out.  Not exactly fun, but I did things the way I wanted to for the first time in a while and it was kind of nice.

Well, today, I'm just kind of bored.  The puppies are great company, but not very good at conversations.  And I'm struggling at trying to figure out how to cook dinner for just one person again.  How did I do that for 6 years?  I think I might swing by Chipotle later tonight.  But the boredom does mean that I've done an impressive amount of work for a Friday.  I'm even ready for classes next week!  Maybe I'll even read ahead!

Or maybe I'll take a nap.  Hmm.
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This weekend, we pretty much just decided to read.

[ profile] scribefigaro is reading the latest book in A Song of Ice and Fire series.  That book is fucking long, so he's been at it for weeks.  He says it's good though.

As for me, I finished up Catching Fire, the second book in the Hunger Games series.  It was fantastic.  I think I liked the first book better, though.  The horror and intrigue was new and fresh and fascinating.  This time around it's not as shocking.  But I still really enjoyed it.  I even reread different parts to try and fully take it all in.  I think I'm going to let it marinate for a while before I tackle Mockingjay.

Other than that, the puppies are doing well, the weather cooperated, and there were no huge catastrophes with our families (knock wood).  So good weekend.



Sep. 26th, 2011 05:06 pm
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This weekend, [ profile] scribefigaro and I finished up watching Fruits Basket.  It was adorable.  I looked it up and the manga seems even better than the series.  This may be one I check out in the manga.  Probably not (time issues), but it's cute and I really did like most of the characters.  Funny, cute, and interesting series.

Catching up on My Little Ponies.  I'm almost done with season one and I've been recording season two on the DVR, so it will be there when we're ready.  Earlier this summer, I had asked [ profile] scribefigaro if I should just watch it without him since he was so busy with work and other readings.  He said yes.  So I've been watching the show on my computer and after one episode, he started watching over my shoulder.  Then he just accepted the fact he's a fan of MLP.

In real life news, I really like my class.  My students, while most of them aren't academically gifted, do really try hard.  And they don't seem to be blaming me when they do poorly!  This is very unlike my students I taught before and it's so nice to have them asking me what they can do to do better in class rather than having them bitch me out about their grades.  I'm much more likely to help students with the former than the latter.

Anyways, life is going okayish.  For now.
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Real life is starting to chill.  At least for approximately the next week or so.  We'll see.

Anyway: Funny story to relate.

Some background:  I'm a big fan of bean burritos.  As a poor grad student, I came up with a way to love beans and rice and cheese and tortillas.  When I moved in with [ profile] scribefigaro, I shared this love, and he came up with his own interpretation of a wonderful bean-infused dinner.

Therefore, once a week or so, we do beans for dinner.  It's always a highlight and both of us meticulously prepare our favorites.  This past week, half way through preparations, I got excited enough for the coming feast to compose a song right on the spot (and remember, I have no rhythm and am tone deaf):

I love beans and rice!
Beans and rice are my favorite food!
I love beans and rice!
Beans and rice are great!!!

Unlike most so-so husbands, [ profile] scribefigaro was NOT rolling his eyes at me.

Unlike most good husbands, [ profile] scribefigaro wasn't even just ignoring my nerdy outburst.

Oh no, my friends.  [ profile] scribefigaro was dancing along to my made-up lyrics and looked almost disappointed when they were done.

I've never been more in love.

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