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I read the Hunger Games this weekend.  Well.  Yesterday.  It's eaten my brain and I loved it.

I am not currently shipping anyone, but I like all of the main characters.  Katniss is awesome and Peeta is adorable.  I feel like I don't know Gale all that much.  And sweet, sweet Rue...

I've been on the lookout for the next installment.  It doesn't appear to be out in paperback yet, though.  ???  I've found it in paperback in Spanish and on a sketchy website that there's no way I'm going to risk, but not anywhere else.  This seems odd to me.  It came out two years ago and the third book is also already out (in hardcover).  Am I just not looking hard enough?

I bought the first book in paperback and I hate when I have a series of books that aren't the same publisher or a mix of sizes and hard/soft covers.  I like uniformity in the book series I own.

And I may have to whine about this until I find out what happens next!!!!exlamation
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In the interest in actually saying something positive and good-spirited today (I've had a tummy ache that made me really grumpy), I'm writing this.

Monday's Castle had some really funny moments.  Normally, I hate it when crime shows get too cute and too "look at how irreverent and humor-ful we are," but it works for Castle.  It must be because of Nathan Fillion.  He's got a great gift for comic one-liners, gestures, and facial expressions and I think his castmates (and writers, directors, etc.) are picking it up, too.

And the "Aww" when the dead squirrel was passed of to the unseen policeman just had me in stitches.

I caved and am reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, like everyone else.  I really like Lisbeth so far (and just love that name), but I've only really gotten a dozen pages about her and I'm already 150 pages into the book.  It's well-written.  I just hope the story picks up because the main plot so far is about financial intrigue and I'm not that invested in it.  (See what I did there?  Punny!)

Anyone else with positive thoughts, stories, observations they wish to share?  I'm also here if you need a good venting.

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Jul. 19th, 2010 11:07 am
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After reading what [ profile] aamalie wrote about characterization within writing and wanting to see some authors do better, I've wanted to write my own post.

Cut for extreme length.

Reading a best selling detective book... )

Reading Young Adult fiction )

Comparisons to fanfiction. )

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