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Nov. 29th, 2012 05:33 pm
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So this is kind of the calm before the grading storm.  :(  Next week starts the avalanche of papers, tests, then more papers for grading.  But then I'm done until January!  Woot!  I'll only need to worry about moving, then.  Bleck.

Today I had yoga, then had to make a quick stop into the pharmacy to get an ankle stable-izer for running to help me from injuring it too much further.  Then I had to quick shower, walk the dogs, then take the dogs to the vet to prepare for taking them on the long Christmas trip that we always seem to have to take. :(

They're all good with their shots and meds.  I came home, did some work for my grad class and now I'm doing pretty good!

And, [personal profile] luxken27 ! Look what I found at the pharmacy!picture )
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Don't mind me.  I'm navel-gazing again.

Yesterday, while walking the pups with [livejournal.com profile] scribefigaro, I twisted my ankle.  It sucked.  It hurt really bad, I let out a string of hideous expletives, and sat on the ground for a moment.

I used to play soccer.  I've hurt an ankle before.  Hell, I've broken an ankle before.  This time it was my right ankle instead of my left (my weak one), but it's really all the same kind of pain.

I no longer play soccer (at least right now), but my first instinct was to insist it was okay and that I could walk (or run, or kick, or jump) on it no problem.

This is a kind of habit.  Way back when I was a senior in college and had two weeks (and 5 games) left in the season, a teammate of mine broke my ankle in practice.  This was not the way I wanted to end my soccer career.  So I insisted it was fine, taped the shit out of it for practices and games, and played the next two weeks on a broken ankle.  I remember a year to the day later and my ankle still hurt when I woke up in the mornings.

I don't have a lot of perspective on ankle pain.  Everything just seems not-that-bad in comparison to those two weeks.

So yeah.  I twisted my ankle last night and woke up and it was slightly swollen.  It just looked so cute next to my memories of my horribly distorted foot and ankle that turned suck pretty colors way back in college.  But I'm trying to keep some kind of perspective.  I did decide not to run on it today.  I can't promise I'll make the same decision about staying off of it tomorrow.

I'm don't have high tolerance for pain.  But I just never really know what to do with ankle pain when my instinct is to insist it's completely fine and to ignore how much it hurts me.

That's what's up with me right now.

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Just came home from a walk with the dogs.  Got to a certain place where we walk between two apartment buildings and notice a strange looking creature galloping toward us.

It was too awkward to be a cat, too big to be a squirrel.  The dogs definitely noticed its weird gait and were game to play.  As it came closer, I realized out loud, "It's a skunk."

[livejournal.com profile] scribefigaro took off at a speed walk in the opposite direction.

I figured we could squeeze by it without an issue, so I poked a little fun at scribe when I caught up to him. "Afraid of a little skunk?

He shot back with, "Even if you win a battle with a skunk, you still lose.  And that thing was charging us."

The logic, he has it.  And I am smell-free tonight. :D

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The little guy went in to the vet's yesterday to have his teeth cleaned.  They have to put the dog under for the extensive cleaning that he needed.  He wasn't happy about it going in and was kind of all, "Is this real life?" all day after I picked him up.  Poor little guy.  :(

But he made it through and is usual perky self today, if a little clingy.  He's just so cute and sweet!

Puppy post

Apr. 17th, 2011 11:59 am
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I've been thinking about writing an angsty post, but the kitty post by [livejournal.com profile] psyco_chick32 has made me want to relate my most recent puppy story.

As most of you know, we have two dogs.  A larger, older (just turned 10!) black Lab and a two-year-old mutt of a puppy who is quite small (10 pounds).  Our little guy is just full of romping, playing, and cuteness while the big guy is regal and dignified.

Well, in our house, the dogs have couch privileges.  We have two couches, a large sofa and a smaller love seat.  The big dog has a favorite spot on the big sofa, on the right corner cushion.  The little guy sits on laps, pillows, the back rests, anywhere he wants that suits his desires at the time.

At night, though, the big guy usually sleeps in his spot on the sofa and the little guy snuggles with us on the bed.

Well, last night, I got up at 4:30 to use the bathroom and notice that the puppy didn't come to bed with us.  I went looking for him.  I found him.  He had taken the big guy's spot on the couch.  He was stubbornly refusing to budge and the big guy was glaring at him, squeezed onto the love seat.  The puppy, who actually prefers nighttime snuggles on the bed, was only on the couch to spite the larger dog!  He only wanted it because the other dog wanted it.

Bad dog!

So I scooped up the little guy and brought him to the bedroom.  When I woke up, the big guy was back in his place on the couch.

I have the cutest dogs ever.
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Since [livejournal.com profile] psyco_chick32 wrote her amusing feline anecdote, I thought I'd write my own from yesterday.

As I said before, I'm staying with my parents and my sister is backpacking through South America.  Therefore, her animals, a dog and a cat, are being pet-sat by my parents, too.  Her cat is not the biggest fan of dogs, and there are currently 5 in this house.

My sister's cat is pretty big, probably about 15 pounds.  My puppy is about 10.  Both the puppy and the cat have shown curiosity towards one another, so I've been trying to broker a friendship between the two.  I let the puppy in the kitty area of the house where they stand and stare at one another until the kitty gets bored.

Well, two days ago, there was major progress and they got so close they touched noses and there were no growling noises or posturing from either of the animals.  I figured they're on their way to being, if not buddies, at least tolerant of the other.

So, yesterday, I put them in the same area.  Same deal.  They sniff each other's noses.  Then, the kitty gets all coy and rolls onto her back.  My puppy knows that this isn't doggie submission, so he approaches her cautiously.  She reaches up with a paw and *baps* him playfully and lightly on the nose.

I thought it was adorable.

My puppy gets closer.  She rolls onto her tummy  and reaches up and *baps* him on the nose again.







And... playtime was over.  I got the puppy out before she hurt him.  Because, yeah, in a fight, the kitty would kick my puppy's ass.

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