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Yay!  Another fic for [ profile] luxken27's Summer Mini Challenge!

Title: The Trouble with Townies
Author: Starzki
Rating: T
Genre: Romance, or something like it (Weber/Mao)
Prompt: summer fling
Word Count: 1220
Summary: Summer flings become much more complicated when there's someone else who cares for you.
Table Link: Here
Story Link: Here

Notes: )


Jan. 5th, 2011 11:27 am
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I finally sprung for a paid account.  I've spent all morning picking a theme (I like it even though it's a bit pink for my tastes), and trying to bulk up on my icons.

Anyone know of good places to find icons?

I think I'll also be doing the month-long shipping meme starting tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to it.

This paid account was supposed to be a reward because I've been getting some attention and schools have been giving me phone interviews.  The bad thing is that I'm terrible and nervous on the phone, so I'm just not sure how well I'm doing.  I guess we'll see.  In any case, I'm doing better than I was last year.  So there is that.

I guess I'll just explore my pretty new account and wait for news.

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