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Now that I'm back down to teaching only two classes, both of which are online, one of which I've taught the last four semesters straight, I feel like I have a ton of time on my hands.  So I'm going to post today. :)

I think I finally might be done with the class I taught at the other school.  The student who got an incomplete because of a family emergency the day of the final has taken the makeup test and I've scored it.  I've just mailed off the paperwork, so that should be it for me for that class, barring any issues that may pop up (no whammies, no whammies, no whammies...).

I'm teaching a new grad class (which is what I'm procrastinating on right now) that I'm trying to make more interesting.  I'm trying to have weekly webclass sessions that are like chatrooms for students that I lead.  They've been going terribly so far.  There's a learning curve for people using new or updating technology and not everyone is on the same page yet.  I will try to make it work though and it should be kind of fun. Maybe?  It's a great class, though, if I do say so myself.

In fandom news, I'm apparently going to post the first chapter of my new zombie FMP fic by the end of the week.  I really, really struggled to get this chapter out.  All of the exposition explaining the AU nature of the story was clunky and awful to write.  But it's all out.  Now I just need to rework it and make it interesting to read instead of it just being an information dump.  Plus, I forgot some key plot points that I'll have to mention.  I will say that the end of the chapter started getting much more smooth in terms of writing and I think I found my chapter 1 focus that isn't all about explaining my AU.   There's a small plot hole to fill that's not quite right to handwave, but I'll give myself until Saturday to fix it. (Okay, never mind, just thought of a solution.  Will write it later.) Zombie casualty rate: 2 (this will increase).

I also have to think about running today.  All of those calories I consumed and didn't regret when I was visiting family are letting me know I should probably take care of them now before I have to start fitting back into my summer clothes.  But at least I have my Zombies! Run game to make it interesting. :D


Mar. 29th, 2013 11:25 pm
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Oh, this week.  I have a couple of things to get in to, but let me start with Mad Men.

[ profile] scribefigaro and I have been about 2 seasons behind since we watch the show on Netflix.  Well, we caught up to only one season behind not too long ago and the new season is out on April 7.  Then, great news happened.  We discovered that Comcast is doing a thing where they're giving away seasons of episodes for free to advertise a particular service this week.  One of the shows of which they were giving away seasons is Mad Men[ profile] scribefigaro and I have been mainlining at least 2 episodes a night to catch up before the promotion is out and before the new season starts.  We'll soon be caught up.

Well, I don't know if it's because I couldn't handle the awesomeness or what, but the last episode we watched tonight, "The Other Woman" (Season 5, episode 11) just wrecked me.  I watched the end completely sobbing.  It helped that my two favorite characters, Joan and Peggy were featured and it showed how Don can be a dick, but still do right by them.  Oh, my girls.  Tonight they both broke my heart.

Joanie is just gorgeous and Christina Hendricks who plays her with such integrity (when she could so easily be played as a dumb cliche).  Her decision in this ep (I won't spoil it) annihilated me.  She did what she had to do, and it may be for the best, but still.  My Joanie.  I love you and you shouldn't have done it.  You deserve so much more.

And Peggy.  I feel like I could have been her in the early 1960s.  Her non-romantic "break up" with Don was far and away the saddest, most touching moment I've seen on this show where numerous marriages and friendships have dissolved.  She was so brave, though.  And I don't think I could have done what she did in spreading her wings.  Like Joanie, she deserves so much more, but she's actually going out and getting it.  Part of my sadness, and Don's I'm sure, is that I don't know when I'll be able to see her again.

This show.  Ugh.  It's a kind of perfection you rarely see on television anymore.  I am looking forward to next season like I cannot even explain.

*collects myself*

In other news, the college I interviewed at last week told me that they'd make a decision this week.  I haven't heard anything.  The chances of me working there are slim (their pay scale is not what I had hoped for), but I was still expecting to at least be able to try and negotiate.  Now I'm wondering if they're going with another candidate.  I was so sure I had this offer.  Again, not that I would take it (it's not quite right, in any case), but I still wanted to be asked.

Now, I think I'll go wreck myself with some more television series pathos.  Maybe I'll watch the commentary on FMA episodes. :)


Sep. 26th, 2011 05:06 pm
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This weekend, [ profile] scribefigaro and I finished up watching Fruits Basket.  It was adorable.  I looked it up and the manga seems even better than the series.  This may be one I check out in the manga.  Probably not (time issues), but it's cute and I really did like most of the characters.  Funny, cute, and interesting series.

Catching up on My Little Ponies.  I'm almost done with season one and I've been recording season two on the DVR, so it will be there when we're ready.  Earlier this summer, I had asked [ profile] scribefigaro if I should just watch it without him since he was so busy with work and other readings.  He said yes.  So I've been watching the show on my computer and after one episode, he started watching over my shoulder.  Then he just accepted the fact he's a fan of MLP.

In real life news, I really like my class.  My students, while most of them aren't academically gifted, do really try hard.  And they don't seem to be blaming me when they do poorly!  This is very unlike my students I taught before and it's so nice to have them asking me what they can do to do better in class rather than having them bitch me out about their grades.  I'm much more likely to help students with the former than the latter.

Anyways, life is going okayish.  For now.
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If you count Friday evening, this has been a terrific weekend.

I got another call from the university that I'm about to adjunct at where they asked if I would also like to teach a class or two in the winter semester.  Heck yes I do!  I go in on Monday to do paperwork so that I can get paid.  Huzzah!  Money for doing something I'm trained for!

Then, yesterday I spent the majority of the day just geeking out over Full Metal Panic!  I read fanfic, trolled DA for fan art, and watched AMVs.  I also made some Kurz/Melissa icons to help inspire me for my next story.

I should really start writing that thing.  Maybe that's what I'll do today!

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Today I have a bunch on my plate.  I have to get my car registered in the state (paperwork is fun!) and follow up on all of the emails I sent looking for work yesterday.  Plus I have two articles to write that I've been promising my advisor since last fall.

So why am I thinking about creating a Facebook page?  I've resisted making one for eons now.  I also feel happy that I am unaware of most of the Facebook drama that happens.  But since I've been moving around so much in this last year, I've been losing touch with a lot of people, and it's kind of making me sad.

Anyway, I should stop farting around on lj here, too.  Things to do!
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First, the negative stuff.

Job angst )

But moving on to happier subjects.  [ profile] aamalie made me a pretty!

Amazing art )

And now, to the shipping meme where I feel I must cheat.

Day 20 - The "can't stand the sexual tension any more" pairing? )
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This Christmas, when asked what  I wanted from my parents, I could only think of one thing.  I wanted a gift certificate to a nice spa.  The stress of not having an actual career, doing an exhausting job search, living at home, and not knowing what the future holds has been building up over the months.  I just wanted some time to be pampered and hopefully take the stress level down a notch or two.

Because my family is awesome, I got a nice gift certificate to a spa in the nearby city.  I called up yesterday and booked a 2 hour massage for this weekend.  It's completely hedonistic of me.

And I haven't stopped feeling guilty about it since.

It's a lovely reward for a person who hasn't really done anything.  I'm trying.  I'm trying really, really hard.  But I still don't have much to show for it.  I know a lot of it is out of my control, but that doesn't change the fact that I feel bad for my lack of success.

Basically, I've done nothing to deserve the pampering and I shouldn't have asked for it in the first place.  Those are my feelings.

[/self-esteem issues]

Anyway, time to meme!

Day 06 - The best kiss? )


Dec. 3rd, 2010 10:54 am
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Dear Colleges-I've-Applied-To,

Please let me know if you've rejected me.  Or else call me to set up an interview.

This waiting and waiting and waiting to hear suxbigtime.


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Actually, I think the title of this post should be "Ode to Public Transportation, Part 2" as I'm sure I've proclaimed my love for it here before.

Cut for length. )

TLDR: I had a good trip.


Nov. 13th, 2010 09:09 pm
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I got my first job application rejection letter today.

First of many, I'm sure.



Nov. 8th, 2010 02:17 pm
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Yay!  No work today!

Instead I'm doing more job applications and preparing for next week's conference.  For free!  (And I also got my tooth drilled!  Boo!  And it turns out my computer is heavily infected with crap!  Boo squared!  But [ profile] scribefigaro, who is not only handsome, talented, and brilliant, is also a computer genius who is fixing it for me!  Yay cubed!)

In other news, I'm really confused.  While the online application process of most colleges actually makes things a lot cheaper (no need for postage, envelopes, etc.), I'm running into some snags.

I've come across more than one place with an online application process that asks that I "attach letters of recommendation."

Um, no?

Those aren't things that my letter writers give to me.  Those are things they give directly to you.  They consider them private, and while I'm sure they're all glowing (*shines fingernails on shirt*), my letter writers would prefer I not know what's in them.  Give me email address or links to sites they can post it themselves that I can give them, instead.

So now I have emails out to a couple of different hr departments asking what I should do because what they're asking for is a big old breech of letter writing etiquette.


It is done

Nov. 6th, 2010 01:52 pm
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Yesterday was my last day at my temp job.  I was told I'd be missed and to come back to work there if things don't turn out.  I was on a really good team with fun people.

I'm actually going to miss it.  The only thing I'm looking forward to from not working there is not having to wake up to the alarm every morning.  Yes, it will also be nice doing the work I want, that I was trained for, but I had a good job and made good money.  Working for free is not so fun.

Hopefully, working for free will pay off in a job sooner than later.

Anyway.  I also finally typed up the next chapter in my IY/Sandman fic.  I'm going to submit it into the mirsan_fics community so I can post it there later tonight (after it gets a couple of proof-reads).  It's surprisingly different than the hand-written version that I wrote these last three weeks in the 15 minutes I had here and there at work before I was allowed to clock in in the mornings and after lunch.  I fixed the perspective (major whoops there) and made it more exciting.  I also added a Fiddler's Green cameo at the last minute.  I love him and figured that Sango and Miroku would need a little hint in navigating Dream's realm.

Meta-discussion of my story. )

A me update

Sep. 1st, 2010 08:50 pm
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I feel like I've not been on the Internet forever.  And even now, I'm on [ profile] scribefigaro's laptop because my Internet upstairs is so unreliable as to be completely useless.  Being on his laptop feels a bit... too personal. I'm not happy.  I would like my own computer back working please.

So sorry if I missed anything.  Saturday was happyfuntimez! with Scribe.  So was most of Sunday.  Monday was back to the same old routine.  Wake up, go to work, come home, do the crossword, work out, shower, dinner, television, go to bed.  I would spare tv time for Internets, but, like I said, my service is *blarg*.

I'll write out the cool meme everyone is doing, but wait a couple of days so that I actually have time to respond if anyone comments to it.

While work (the temp job) is going well, my actual professional life (the one I got the big degree for) is floundering and it makes me so sad I could weep.

So.  That's my life.  It's not even in a nutshell.  It's just that... rote.  But I am happy that Scribe is here.  I just have to keep treading water until we can get our professional life as good as the rest of it.


Aug. 10th, 2010 10:15 pm
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So, the new job is going fine.  Haven't been fired yet.  My job is mind-numbingly detail-oriented, but I seem well-suited to the task.  (It's a lot like grading papers all day.)

However, business hours and trying to Internet, and still be social within my family, talk on the phone with [ profile] scribefigaro, etc. all mean I'm losing sleep.

How tired am I, you ask?

Apparently, I'm so tired that I went through all of today with greasy hair because I was too tired to remember to use shampoo when I showered last night.  I remembered conditioner, but forgot the shampoo.

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I started my temp job yesterday.

This part of the state has been undergoing major changes in the past decade.  A person couldn't recognize most places they'd lived or worked.  Most buildings have come down with new ones to replace them pretty much everywhere.

So how is it that, 12 years after my first temp job, as a newly minted college student who wasn't even old enough to drink, my latest temp job is in the exact same building as the first one?  I'm working for a completely different company, it's just the building is the same.

I had to sit in the car for 5 minutes yesterday and decide whether or not to laugh or cry at just how far my life hasn't gotten.  Yes, now I have a Ph.D., am married, and can order a margarita when I want one, but I'm still living with my parents without my guy and still having to scrape myself out of bed at 6:15 every morning to go into a temp job that I don't particularly like.

I finally decided the $5.50 an hour over what I made 12 years ago does show some progress.  :-/
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My sister came back from her traveling today.  This means that I can no longer use her car.

This also means that, of course, I found a pretty good temp job today.

I'm not overly excited about it right now.  It means getting up with the alarm again, having to get dressed in the morning, not having the whole day to fiddle around on the internet.  I've gotten used to being lazy.

However, the job seems okay, the pay is good, it's not far away, and it seems workable.  There's also that wonderful feeling of not being a useless lump that I get when I'm in a paying job.  So, yay.  I'm just waiting to see if I'll be a complete moron when I get there.  I'm pretty smart sometimes, but I also lack a lot of common sense.  We'll see.

Also, I'm a temp.  If I hate it, I just give 48 hours notice, they send in another temp, and I'm available for other stuff.  I could start as early as Friday.

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