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Meme: It's a bit of a repeat, but it my answer fits.

Day 27 - A pairing that you loved and ended up hating? )
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I had the ultrasound yesterday.

Ultrasound details. )

Onward to meme time!

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It's already been kind of a busy day.

Doctor's appointment. )

And for today's meme:

Day 09 - The most believable relationship? )
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I went to the dentist this morning, early, because I thought I was getting a cavity.

The dentist informed me that not only did I not have a cavity where I thought, my tooth (where the cap fell out last week), probably doesn't need to be pulled yet.

In fact, he canceled my appointment with the oral surgeon and re-cemented my cap back on my tooth right then and there.  He said that it will probably hold a while (read: until I get dental insurance), there was still some good tooth left, so there was no need to yank it.


However, I have a weird belief in karma in that I believe in statistics and that everything pretty much averages out in the end.  Or, we have roughly the same amount of really good experiences and really bad experiences over the course of a lifetime.  I was hoping all of this tooth drama might score me a successful job interview.  Now that it's fixed, I can't theoretically bargain with the universe that I'm owed something good.

Ah, well.  On a completely different subject, just let's say that anyone who wants to should think good thoughts for [ profile] scribefigaro tomorrow morning.  We're about to be a two-doctor household.  :D
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So, I've finally succumbed to the cold that's been going around.  I don't feel all that awful, but I sound like I'm the offspring of a foghorn and pubescent sheep, so I called in sick.  Even the lady at the temp agency was like, "Yeah, you can't go in sounding like that."

This may mean sushi is off for tonight.  We'll see.

But with this time, [ profile] aamalie , could you please hit me with some FMA Royai goodfic?

I may also take a stab at my Dream fic.  Let's see if actually writing it will get me past the war of stubborn stalemate I have going on.

Or, I may sleep.

All good options!

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