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Two prompt tables, 'cause I'm feeling ambitious.

Table 1
sterling silver
Progress: 3/5

Table 3
teal green
Progress: 2/5

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Title: Decision
Fandom: Full Metal Panic!
[personal profile] starzki
Words: 415
Rating: T
Summary: Spoilers for Episode 11 of The Second Raid.  Sousuke's moment of indecision with the prostitute.
Adult situations.
LINK: lj community/


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Here is my choice of table for this year's Summer Mini Challenge by [personal profile] luxken27!

Table 2
lemon yellow
Progress: 5/5

Anyone who is interested in participating (any fandom [or even original work!], any kind of fic) is welcome.  I'm including the link to the livejournal post with the rules and the prompt tables.  I had a complete blast with this last year (it got me back writing in the Full Metal Panic fandom, woot!) and can't recommend it enough!  Here is the official post.

Yay! Writing!


Jan. 13th, 2012 03:15 pm
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I just joined Twitter as DrStarzki (I know, it took forever, but it does sound kind of fun).

I decided it will be more of me looking at fandom rather than following people I know in real life.  That being said, does anyone know of interesting people to follow on Twitter?

Currently, I'm following Nathan Fillion, Neil Gaiman, and a few others.  Any suggestions?
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Username: [ profile] starzki
Chosen Table: Table #5
Table Link:

Table 5
sky blue
summer fling
Progress: 5/5

And here is [ profile] luxken27's banner for me for completion. See how pretty?!

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Title: Too Fresh
Author: Starzki
Rating: T
Genre: Humor, Romance
Prompt: seafood
Word Count: 704
Summary: Kurz and Melissa’s first date goes about as well as you would expect.  W/M
Table link: Here.
Story link: Here.

Notes )
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*Note, over at Feministing, there was a post where an editor wrote a letter to herself at 16 based on this book.  Rather than write my letter over there in a comment, I thought I'd post it here.

Dear 16 year-old [ profile] starzki,

So, how are you doing?  I'm you in the far future and I'm here to give you some advice.

First, lay off your little sister.  Yes, she's annoying and can be awful, but she's dealing with her own stuff in the only way she knows how.  She's actually pretty cool once you get to know her better.

Second, keep doing what you're doing with sports and school.  Those turn out spectacular.

I know you're feeling lonely and like the people you hang out with don't like you.  Screw 'em.  Real friends don't make you feel like crap.  Don't beg to be in their clique just to belong somewhere.  Do your own thing.  Find people that you actually like and respect (like Jess) and then be yourself around them.  You're likeable, I swear.  And actually, you can be pretty funny.  Once you get over the idea that you have to be nice and quiet and once you open up and actually voice your opinions, people will actually start wanting to hang out with you.  I know it's scary to be yourself and be open for people to accept or reject the real you, but I can't even explain the relief you get once you stop trying to reign yourself in all of the time.

Don't worry so much about doing exactly the right thing.  Have some fun!  Not everything is such serious business.

Also, don't worry about boys and sex so much.  I won't spoil the surprise, but it all works out.  Trust me.  However, in college, if you feel like a fling or two, do it!  It's really not as scary as you thought.

Speaking of college, you will have the best time there.  Enjoy every second.

Also, you think you're crazy for loving The X-Files so much right now.  Go with it!  Take it online and get involved with fandom.  Seriously, you're not nearly as crazy as you think and there are some great people out there.  And speaking of fandoms, there's this awesome thing called anime that I wish you would start watching.  Yes, I know it seems like it's for nerds.  But guess what, you are a nerd (see your X-Files obsession).  Once you embrace it, it's all downhill from there.

I know life sucks for you now, but stick with it and try to have some more fun.  I promise, it will all get better.

[ profile] starzki 

So, what would you write to yourself?
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Last night, [ profile] scribefigaro and I started watching Mad Men.

It's quite good.  However, since I've been somewhat interested in the show since it started winning tons of awards, I've been majorly spoiled to quite a few things.  That makes me a little sad, because I'm sure some events would have been great surprises.  But nope.  Spoiled.  It's still a good show and I'm really liking it (even though I'm only three episodes in).

What's also interesting is that I wouldn't watch Game of Thrones without significant spoilers.  I need to know who dies where and when and how before I feel comfortable watching it.  I like a lot of the characters (especially the direpuppies), so their sudden deaths would upset me.  If I ever gather the courage to watch Angel, I'm sure I'll be the same way.

But yeah, Mad Men.  I think it's great that it shows that women were not only expected to tolerate constant sexual harassment, but that they were to do so cheerfully, without complaint.  It reminds me of stories my grandmother tells.  She was a nurse during the same time period and, apparently, doctors were just as bad as ad men.  She said that if she complained about any of the groping, ogling, and just rude comments about her appearance, she would have been fired.  I am so very thankful for the women's movement.

The women on this show are impressing the hell out of me.  Especially the secretaries.  Peggy Olsen is just wonderful and the redhead (I call her Saffron because I can't remember her character's name and she played Saffron on Firefly) is killing me with the sheer amount of her awesome.  Looking forward to watching next next set of episodes.  :)

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