New Year!

Jan. 1st, 2012 01:25 pm
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So far in 2012, I've smooched [ profile] scribefigaro, danced with him, went to sleep, had a terrifying zombie nightmare, slept in, then woke up and Internetted.  Minus the zombie nightmare, things are looking pretty good so far!

And I see an exodus to dreamwidth.  I'm wondering if I should join in.


Happy New Year!  I wish all my friends an awesome and prosperous 2012!

ETA: Okay, I've set something up.  I think you'll be able to find me at (some day I'll figure out how to HTML that so that the DW icon comes up.  Today does not look like that day.  :(  ).


Feb. 7th, 2011 08:41 am
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I had an interesting dream last nigh/this morning.

I dreamed that you could get a book of your livejournal posts.  As in, you could have a physical copy of your journal, almost as if you had been writing in an actual journal the whole time.  Each entry would have your icon and you could read it front-to-back whenever you wanted.  It was really neat.

And in the dream, I went back and read about all of this stuff that I never did, like working in a pet store or having a dance party in my apartment in Chicago.

It was an interesting dream.

Also, just because I want to have links to all of my Shipping Meme answers in one place:

Shipping meme answers. )
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You know, there should be an expiration date (say: graduation) for having those nightmares about school.  I had another one of those dreams last night.  I had signed up for advanced algebra, but totally forgot about it until the end of the semester when I got my report card that contained all A's and a big, fat F.

In the dream, I was all, "Why am I still going to school?  Didn't I graduate?"  But I was still majorly bummed about the F.


So that wasn't fun.

Time to meme!

Day 14 - What is your favorite book pairing? )

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