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Title: The Sickness, Chapter 11: It's the Moment of Truth, and the Moment to Lie
Author: Starzki
Word Count: 3891
Genre: Horror/Action/Romance
Rating: T
Prompt: Hinder
Story Summary: Alternate Universe. Sousuke Sagara is the long standing, long suffering bodyguard of Lady Kaname, the only daughter in a wealthy family. She has recently been married off to a distant cousin in the hopes that she produce an heir and will never be forced to leave her home. No one expected the zombie apocalypse. In time, it’s only Sousuke and Kaname fighting for survival and just hoping not to get bitten in this strange, new world.
Chapter Summary: Sousuke fights to rescue Kaname from Amalgam
WARNINGS: Standard zombie killing gore.
Links:, AO3


Oh, this chapter. I was kind of dreading it since I don't really write action very well. Personally, I like planning out conversations and emotional revelations, but action comes best to me when I just sit and write it in the moment.

So that's what I did for this chapter. I stayed in the moment and wrote it action by action. You'll notice I don't cut away as much as I do in other chapters. I keep pressing and pressing the reader to follow the action and build the suspense. And I'm surprisingly happy with the end product!

The main issue seems to be that the original set up I have is "unfeasible" according to Scribe. People in an apocalypse won't build an internet if they only have early 90s tech. I think Shinji would and I've had it set up for chapters that this was going to be the payout. So oh well. It's my handwave. I did my best.

Some may recognize the chapter title from the song lyrics of 30 Seconds to Mars, "This is War." I thought it was appropriate. Here's the video:

As to the awful cliffhanger I gave in this chapter, I can only apologize and say it's really the main reason I started writing this whole fic. I think it'll work out for the story. And I promise that I've already started writing the next chapter and it should be out before school starts in September. And that will be the last chapter (unless I do an epilogue, which I probably will).

This also fulfills the "hinder" prompt for [personal profile] luxken27 's Summer Mini Challenge. One down!

Really, anyone who is hanging in, thank you so much!

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