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Title: The Sickness, Chapter 9: But It's Too Late to Say You're Sorry
Author: Starzki
Word Count: 6027
Genre: Horror/Action/Romance
Rating: T
Story Summary: Alternate Universe. Sousuke Sagara is the long standing, long suffering bodyguard of Lady Kaname, the only daughter in a wealthy family. She has recently been married off to a distant cousin in the hopes that she produce an heir and will never be forced to leave her home. No one expected the zombie apocalypse. In time, it’s only Sousuke and Kaname fighting for survival and just hoping not to get bitten in this strange, new world.
Chapter Summary: Gauron has taken over Jindai. Sousuke, Kaname, and their friends must deal with the consequences.
WARNINGS: Standard zombie killing gore.
Links:, AO3


Oh, boy. So I wrote a thing. I seriously thought that this would be a short chapter since all it was really about was getting characters from Point A to Point B, but I was really, really wrong.

Pretty much as long as I knew I was writing this story, I knew that one of the chapters would reference the lyrics to "She's Not There," by the Zombies. Perfect fit, right?

I'm really trying not to brag about how clever I am with this song.  So I'll just move on. :D

I will say that I hadn't considered the details of this chapter before I started writing it.  Like I said, I just needed to get Sousuke and company to the hospital where Leonard would kidnap her and Sousuke could join up with Mithril.  But how do I manage that when Sousuke would be hell-bent on following Kaname wherever she was taken? Some of those questions will be answered in the next chapter, but it meant that, in the end, I had to shoot Kyouko.

It made me sad, too, but she'll be fine. And in this way, it goes along with the FMP! canon where Kyouko is terribly wounded when Leonard kidnaps Kaname.  Considering the canon, you wouldn't have thought it would have taken me so long to come up with this solution to my story-telling problem!  I'm very much NOT clever when it comes to this story.

As I considered and as I wrote this, I called it my Left 4 Dead chapter.  I like the game (FPS with 3 other players where you move from safe house to safe house, shooting zombies along the way) and I wanted to heavily reference it with this chapter.  Basically, I'm coming as close to plagiarizing a game concept with a story as possible.  I'm trying to recreate the action and suspense.  I'm terrible at writing action and I am not sure how successful I was with this chapter, but for better or for worse, it's done, written, and I'm moving on!

If it makes anyone feel better about following this fic, I've been calling my next chapter the Exposition Chapter.  Basically, I'll be spilling the beans about any questions anyone may have about what is really going on in the story.

I have to say, I like writing this story even if it's taking FOREVER.

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