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Title: Philter
Author: Starzki
Word Count: 3380
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Miroku/Sango
Rating: M+, E
Warnings: Smut
Summary: The reality of the situation hit Miroku right then. He spun in her grasp and she wasted no time pulling his face down into hers and kissing him with a passion that almost burned. He knew it was the fever from whatever potion was acting on her, but he couldn’t stop his body from responding.
Link:, ao3


I've finished another one-shot! I much prefer writing these, but I will definitely finish my zombie fic some day.  Probably not this year, though.

Anyway, to talk about this story, I wasn't even intending it to be a MirSan fic.  A couple of weeks back, after I had picked my table for [personal profile] luxken27's Summer Mini Challenge, the new season on Free! was just about to be released.  This brought up a lot of my old Sei/Gou shipping.  I had an idea for them to have sex in a closet and for Gou to be really, really needy about it.

But Gou being needy just didn't fit in my head for her character very well.  It actually doesn't really fit for any female character that I like and connect with.  So I tried to pick apart reasons why Gou would almost literally be begging for sex.  I couldn't come up with anything, even if Seijuuro had been teasing her a lot.  Then, I thought maybe it wasn't something natural. Maybe there was some kind of love potion.

But that really doesn't fit the universe or the genre.  I could have made it work, but meh.  It didn't appeal to me for that couple.  But, my mind wouldn't let it go and up popped the Inuyasha universe in my imaginings.  I could definitely see love potions there!

Then I realized that I hadn't written MirSan in a while and I don't remembering writing straight up smut for one of my favorite couples, either.  Travesty!  This must be rectified!  And really, how was Sango not my first thought for the "coral blush" prompt?

So I decided to create SlayerCon in medieval Japan where Sango and Miroku might come across such a love potion.  I state in the author's note, I had them already married and with a tacit understanding of consent between them.  As Marsh of Sleep wrote in her own AWESOME love potion fic "Communication Breakdown," consent with love potions gets dubious and I didn't want the focus of the fic to be on Miroku avoiding having sex with Sango after she takes the potion.  I didn't want him having sex with her unless she was able to tell him that it was okay with it, either.  So yeah.

It was a rough start to writing this when I started out, but once I got going, it really flowed.  Scribe only had one change for me.  I originally had the crone not as upset as she was about the mix up, nor did she apologize afterward.  Scribe thought she should be much more embarrassed.  So I made a few small changes.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

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