Jun. 18th, 2014

starzki: (HaaH Like an ADULT)
I've been having problems with my phone whenever I want to download updates, especially from my Zombies, Run! app.  I look up all of the things to do when your phone says it can't download something because there's not enough storage, but storage says it has SO MUCH ROOM.  All the stuff it says to do I either don't know how (reprogramming wut?) or I've done and it doesn't work.

So I brought it in to the store like adults do when they admit defeat.

The guy that was helping me was largely nice and knowledgeable.  I think my problem might be fixed, but we did have this exchange:

Me: Whenever I connect it to my computer, it doesn't seem to format right and my computer forces a shutdown and my phone freezes for a while.
Him: What kind of computer do you have?
Me: Well, I built the computer myself.
Him: Are you sure all of the parts are compatible.
Me: Well, yeah, it works mostly fine on its own and has been for 2 years.
Him: Are you sure? Because you might not have researched the hardware carefully enough.
Me: (internally cringing) Well, my husband recommended certain hardware...
Him: Oh, okay then.  We'll try something else.

HOW DOES HE KNOW MY HUSBAND ISN'T A MORON?!  I mean, he's definitely not, but he took my hypothetical "husband's" word for hardware compatibility but not mine.  Humph.

I'd be more mad about the exchange if I hadn't been arguing that my phone had a certain part that we discovered, whoops!, it didn't, and was probably causing my problems.

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