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Title: The Sickness, Chapter 6: Even if the Sky is Falling Down, I Know that We'll be Safe and Sound
Author: Starzki
Word Count: 4063
Genre: Horror/Action/Romance
Rating: T
Story Summary: Alternate Universe. Sousuke Sagara is the long standing, long suffering bodyguard of Lady Kaname, the only daughter in a wealthy family. She has recently been married off to a distant cousin in the hopes that she produce an heir and will never be forced to leave her home. No one expected the zombie apocalypse. In time, it’s only Sousuke and Kaname fighting for survival and just hoping not to get bitten in this strange, new world.
Chapter Summary: Sousuke and Kaname spend their first day at the Jindai settlement.
WARNINGS: Standard zombie killing gore., AO3


I'm finally updating! I'm not exactly sure what happened this summer, but I just couldn't bring myself to keep writing. Not only this, but anything I was supposed to write. But I seem to be over it now. Woot!

To begin with, the song used in the chapter title is "Safe and Sound" by Capital Cities. I just think it fits with the whole tone of the chapter of finding an oasis in the midst of chaos. Video:

This chapter was originally meant to be a whole lot longer.  I really wanted to write all about their times being happy in the new Jindai settlement.  This would include the weeks following, getting to know Shinji and Kyouko better, having their first few times alone in the private room at night, and finding their footing in the new world.  Well, that would have made the chapter a whole lot longer and I just was ready to finally post something.  So all that other stuff will have to wait until next chapter!

I'm pretty happy with this chapter.  I was bogged down in a lot of the details about how a settlement in the middle of a zombie apocalypse would function (which, I admit, was one of the best things when thinking about this whole story), so I made sure to add a the beginnings of Kaname and Sousuke's romance.  Major thanks to Zombies, Run (the running app) for the inspiration for understanding how such a settlement would work.

So, yeah.  This will be a bit of the calm before the storm. I do hope that readers will like it.

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